Saturday, September 7, 2013

”Tyvärr är du född i fel land” debattartikel ignorerade av TTELA

Under den senast veckan avslöjade Trollhättans lokala tidning TTELA  hur Hussein Radhi var förnekade sin plats på Flygmekanisk utbildning på grund av sin ursprung.

Nedan för finns en debatt artikel skriven av två Ung Vänster medlemmar om det. Eftersom jag kunde inte hitta det på nätet jag bestämt mig för att publicera det båda för Hussein Radhis och deras räkning.

”Tyvärr är du född i fel land”. Frasen påminner om apartheid och 1950-talets USA. Men för Hussein Radhi är det verkligheten, i Sverige 2013. Han blev nekad sin plats på GKN-programmet eftersom han är född i Irak. Bolaget GKN samarbetar med skolan, och erbjuder praktik och jobb. Men problemet för Hussein Radhi och en annan elev är att amerikanska regler säger att du inte får jobba där om du har kopplingar till Irak. Att Hussein bott i Sverige i 13 år och har svenskt medborgarskap verkar inte spela någon roll. Han ses som ett säkerhetshot. Det är inte okej att amerikanska bolag får bestämma själva vilka lagar de ska följa i Sverige, eller styra vem som får gå på vilket program. Vår skola ska inte vara diskriminerande, och då kan vi inte samarbeta med bolag som GKN. Deras rasism har krossat en ung människas dröm om att bli flygingengör. GKN kan inte tvinga Hussein att byta program. Han är behörig och har rätt att gå där. Utbildninng är en mänsklig rättighet, självklar i en demokrati!"

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Russian persecution of HBTQ and the Holocaust monopoly.

Russia the land of Vodka and fury hats, has been the subject to outcry over the last month with its crack down of Homosexuals or as it calls it to stop the  promotion of homosexuality or non-traditional relationships.
In a so called move to "protect" its youth from the drugs, pedos, alcohol, porno and gays, the state has actively persuade a crack down on all who "propagate" homosexuality.
Now lets pause here and look at what "propagating" means:
-"spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) widely:the French propagated the idea that the English were drunkards" as defined by the Oxford dictionary.
For those of you of a more graphic nature it looks like this:
In essence it wants the reader to think or feel in a certain way. In the eyes of the Russians this is propaganda:
Do you feel the urge to have a same sex relationship now (if not already)?
I must say I do not, but this has not stopped the state from pursuing actively all who fly the flag, wear the colours or are openly gay.
Resulting in a storm of "moral" hate that looks a bit like this:

Appalled the world reacted, with Russian products being boycotted and calls for the Winter Olympics to be relocated. Big names also came out in condemnation, one of them being Steven Fry. The openly gay and Jewish the star of QI wrote an open letter to the Olympic board and the British prime minster, in it he compared the laws and treatment of HBTQ people in Russia to that of hospitality that Adolf Hitlers showed under the Holocaust to the Jews.
The letter can be read here:

One would have thought this stark warning would have been enough, a rallying call to the oppressed and previously oppressed to unite and to say together "Never again". But this sadly is not the case in fact it seems quite the opposite.
In Russia Today's article "Russian Jews outraged after Stephen Fry compared gay propaganda ban to Nazi Germany" This was reply from the Russian Chief Rabbi Berl Lazar.

“Unfortunately, yet again we see people attempting to use sacred memory about the genocide against the Jews and the Holocaust for their own purposes,” Russia’s Chief Rabbi, Berl Lazar, told ITAR-TASS on Monday. He believes that such cynicism insults the memory of millions of people who were murdered during World War II “because of their nationality and faith.”

My only question is this, do the lives 5,000 to 15,000 (see source one)homosexuals killed during the Holocaust not qualify as being sacred then? And do not the lives of those who have affected already not qualify action? It seems to me strange that one religion and one group has the monopoly on who was or was not affected by the Holocaust and who qualifies for protection and who does not. Cue Martin Niemoller:

First They Came For The Communists

First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.

It is still not to late to speak out sign the petition to 

"Strip Sochi of the 2014 Winter Games"

source one

Sunday, August 4, 2013

When the rich wage class warfare it is called austerity.

What drives a person to suicide? In Helen and Mark Mullins case it was poverty. Poverty not induced due to laziness or over expenditure, but by the simple fact they could not make ends meet. Forced to make 12 mile round trips by foot to bolster their meagre diet with vegetables from a soup kitchen and live in a house without heating.
And all due to the rights immoral crusade to purge the "scroungers of society".

In what can only be described as austerity aka class warfare upon the working class, the Tories with their Liberal buddies now have the blood of the Mullins and many others upon their hands. And this was in 2011.
As late as April 2012 the death toll of this crusade was around 32 people per week (see source 2) other estimates suggest around 73 people per week (see source 3), this is just people who are ill or disabled. Even at the lowest estimate that is 1664 people, 1664 human lives. And to what end?

What has this sacrificial offering to the great god austerity brought us? Well the effect to Mr Iain Duncan Smiths department is conclusively minuscule a look at the departments spending shows the biggest "cost" is in fact state pensions (see source 4).

So who benefits? Well the only logical conclusion is the government and its friends do. Why? The reasoning is two fold, firstly the influx of "work able" people into the employment market means that the the cost of labour is less due to the markets ability to supply the current demand. Simple put more = less.
This means that employers the traditional allies of the the conservative party get very cheap labour, meaning more profit for them.
The second the propaganda effect, the validation of the need for Cameron and his crew, the discrediting of the socialist cause, the validation of the idea that the welfare state creates scroungers and best of all the encouragement for the working people of Britain to turn on one another. All of these key in strengthening the class society and capitalism.

Cue spitting image on how to feed with the hungry poor/unemployed of Britain (some viewers may find this disturbing).

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